Flu, The

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Words to Know

acetaminophen (uh-see-tuh-MIN-uhfin)—a medicine for pain and fever. Tylenol is one brand of acetaminophen.

antiviral (ant-ee-VYE-rul) druga medicine that can kill some flu viruses.

disinfectant (dis-in-FEK-tint)a cleaner that kills germs.

ibuprofen (eye-byoo-PROH-fin)a medicine for pain and fever. Advil and Motrin are brands of ibuprofen.

pneumonia (nuh-MOH-nyuh)an infection of the lungs.

sinus infection (SYE-nis in-FEK-shun)an infection of the spaces inside your head, behind your nose (sinuses).

wheeze (weez) or wheezing (weez-ing)high-pitched whistling sound when breathing.